Brady's Coffee Shop

Brady's Coffee Shop opened our doors to you in 1996 and for over 27 years our focus has always been on a quality cup of coffee and a sanctuary from the noisy outside world! It is, as ever, a work in progress!

What have we to offer you, O friend! We have the finest high-grown Arabica specialty coffees from around the world roasted locally! We have built a fine line of the highest quality teas. We carry black teas, green teas, and herbal teas for sale as beverages, or by the ounce. Could you resist the aroma of freshly baked, handmade cookies and muffins mingling with the smell of freshly brewed coffee? Not likely.

We are lovers of beauty here at Brady's, and you will always find our walls fashioned with masterpieces from local artists, our shelves stacked with books, poetry, and music playing from the last 900 years!

We never claimed to be normal here, but we do care about our products and our people and we hope you'll join us soon and often!

-James Brady, Shop Owner