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Brady's Coffee Shop opened our doors to you in 1996 and our focus has always been on a quality cup of coffee and a sanctuary from the noisy outside world. It is, as ever, a work in progress!

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  •  I was a bit hesitant to try the coffee just because of the outward appearance. However it was amazing! I got a dirty chai latte l, and it was so phenomenal in both quantity and quality. They have more than enough room for parking. But the thing that sold me the most of Brady's, and this probably very unorthodox, was that they have three ply quilted toilet paper and paper towels in their bathroom. I think that alone tells you how much Brady's truly cares about its employees and customers. I encourage you to go to Brady's instead of Starbucks or even the foundry on your next coffee date, study session, or even just your regular coffee run. I promise you won't regret it 

    Simran B.
  •  Tried this place this morning and was intimidated by all of the options they provide. Luckily, the employee behind the counter was so friendly and knowledgable and she made an amazing recommendation for me: cinnamon dulce over ice. It was so perfectly creamy and sweet, all the things I like as I'm not a huge coffee drinker. She said that if didn't like it that she would make me something different. She was really sweet. My sister got a latte with a wonderful sweet foam, topped with crunchy cinnamon sugar. 

    Janel L.
  •  BEST COFFEE IN TOWN! I absolutely love this place. Quaint and quiet for studying or reading. Brady and his family/staff are excellent company. Chai Tea latte is THE BOMB. I don't like chai tea. But ill drink their chai tea latte all day. Love this place. 

    Han G.
  •  Best coffee shop around. Owner knows his beans! Friendly and quaint. A coffee place where everyone knows your name! Wonderful coffee! 

    Food W.
  •  Ahh finally. A beacon of hope for coffee-drinkers in Tyler. I found this little gem on Yelp, so I had to go check it out. I absolutely loathe Starbucks, so I was so happy to find a place where I could get excellent quality coffee while supporting local businesses at the same time. The inside is super cute, and jars of gourmet coffee beans line the walls for purchase. I ordered a cold coffee, the Milky Way, and OMG MY TASTE BUDS!!! It tasted like a chocolate peanut butter shake, but not in an overpowering way for coffee so that you could also taste the espresso. So good. Staff was super nice too- glad that I found this place!! 

    Cat C.
  •  This place is amazing! Please don't go to Starbucks, go to this coffee shop instead. Locally owned and operated for the last 23 years in Tyler Texas. Their Jamaican coffee is the best coffee I've ever had in my life & you can buy the beans there and make your own if you choose to. The customer service is great and their prices are fair. Try Brady's coffee shop - you won't be disappointed. 

    Rodney S.
  •  I love this place. Man has been there for 23 years. Makes the cheapest, tastiest coffee in town. About 1/2 the price of starbucks, I get to support a local business and it tastes freaking fantastic. I go here at least twice a month. They also sell REALLY nice loose leaf tea. Highly recommend. 

    Katherine Smith
  •  Love Brady’s. The owner is very friendly and is always talking with customers. The atmosphere is bright and modern. Oldest coffee shop in Tyler. 

    Joanie Steddum
  •  Great coffee and specialty drinks. Cozy, neighborly environment. Refreshing alternative to Starbucks. 

    Kymberly McCuistion
  •  Coffee is great and everyone there is nice. The owner joked around with my buddy and I, as we grabbed our post lunch coffee, which is ALWAYS appreciated by me. 

    Mike Patterson
  •  This is a lovely, cozy, warm place with very very nice staff. Coffees are great, cakes are so tasty. The place is very comfortable and you would love to spend time there. That can be a great meeting place for you and your friends or your Bible study group. I'm so glad that I found this place and try to visit it once a week, at least. I'm sure you going to like it as well. 

    Farhad Azad
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