Life is a Corridor

LIFE IS A CORRIDORLife is but a corridor, O man, andeach must walk down thiscorridor! At the end, we see a door,for it is death's door,... More

Sweet Irony

SWEET IRONYAlas, O Lord my God, for most ofmy life I have striven to knowYou, striven to love You, striven tofind You, and striven to followthose teachings You left behind... More

The Mists Cleared

THE MISTS CLEAREDThe mists cleared, O Lord my God,and the Son then rose! Therebefore my heart and me stood this oneperfect white lily! 'Twas not theMother of God, but oft'... More

The Time of a Heartbeat Can Become Eternity

THE TIME OF A HEARTBEATCAN BECOME ETERNITYThe time of a heartbeat, O Lord my God,can become an eternity for my heartand me! My heart, she beats perhaps sixtyto one hundred... More

The Wind's Laughter, The Wind's Sighs

THE WIND'S LAUGHTER,THE WIND'S SIGHSMy heart and I awoke within a copseof pine trees, for we heard thesighs of the wind as it danced amongstthe pine boughs! There was adeep... More

A Door I Durst Not Open

A DOOR I DURSTNOT OPENOft, O Lord my God, I traveled atYour beck and call to enterwithin my heart! Usually, I wentthere to hear the Whispers ofthe Spirit which called... More