309 w rust


What can we offer you? We can offer you the freshest whole gourmet coffee beans so you can enjoy the freshest gourmet coffee beverages imaginable.

Are you tired of buying gourmet coffee beans from corporate coffee bean giants

(them)? Wouldn't you rather be buying your whole gourmet coffee beans from the small corporate wannabe (us)?

We would sure rather you did! We have been serving our customers' needs for whole gourmet coffee beans and quality gourmet coffee beverages for over 13 years at our retail coffee shop. Along the way, we have built a reputation for selling fresh premium quality 100% arabica whole gourmet coffee beans.

All of our whole gourmet coffee beans are certified 100% high grown arabica coffee beans (no robusta).

We hope to assimilate you into our coffee collective in the near future, resistance is futile. If you're ever in Tyler, Texas, stop by and see us at 309 W. Rusk Street for a quick fix.

309 W. Rusk  |  Tyler, Texas 75701  |  (903) 596 0508