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1. (M)-God created whole gourmet coffee beans and man to be equals.
(F)--I find many people less intelligent than coffee beans, they don’t brew as well either!

2. (M)-Specialty arabica coffees have higher caffeine content than store bought coffees.
(F)--Actually, arabica coffee beans have about half the caffeine content of the lessor robusta bean coffee.

3. (M)-Espresso shots have large amounts of caffeine.
(F)--A 6 ounce cup of arabica bean coffee has more caffeine than an espresso shot.

4. (M)-Darker roast coffee has higher caffeine content.
(F)--The darker you go with roasting, the less caffeine is left. You are burning it away with the rest of the bean.

5. (M)-Coffee consumption makes you smarter!
(F)--Boy would I be smart! Actually, coffee consumption lets you do stupid things faster with more energy. (2 stupid things = 1 smart thing)

6. (M)-Coffee left on a burner all day is better.
(F)--Coffee should be in a pump pot or carafe, if not in you, within 7 minutes of completion of brewing or you’re cooking it! May as well go to a convenience store, grab a Styrofoam cup, and grit your teeth.

7. (M)-Coffee tastes best when it is hot enough to take the skin off of your tongue.
(F)--Coffee actually shows all it’s complexities and flavor at around 145-165 degrees F., which allows you to enjoy your coffee without burns.

8. (M)-Decaffeinated coffee tastes just like caffeinated coffee!
(F)--The cry of the truly desperate. Does a meatless burger patty taste like a burger made with real meat? I think not!

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